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I’m Big in Switzerland

It’s been just over a month since the release of “A Poor Man’s Pocket,” and the air-waves and inter-tubes are a-buzz with positive reviews!

The most exciting and unexpected news I received was that SRF Kultur (a branch of Swiss National Radio) had scheduled a 30-minute spot centered around my songs! The piece ran on Friday, January 24th at 4pm. I’m eternally grateful to station programmer Annina Salis, who came across my music via twitter!

You can listen to an mp3 of the spot below (an English translation will be added here soon!):

Listen »

I also gave my first ever “twitterview” to Radio Kaos Caribou on December 21st, which in turn led to the inclusion of “I Like the Way You Move” on the syndicated internet-radio show Modern Soul Sauce‘s January edition (thanks to host Kathryn Shut for her kind words on the show!). Revolver Underground, Radio Crystal Blue, and Com’Unity Webradio, and Zénith FM have been playing tracks from the album as well!

As expected, the brilliant music video for “I Like the Way You Move,” directed by Giga Shane and starring the lovely and talented Cécile Dessertenne, has been making lots of waves. ATKS Tv did a feature on the video during the last week of January, and “I Like the Way You Move” was included on episode 208 of the renowned indie music podcast “Is This Thing On?” The video is quickly approaching 1,000 views on Vimeo – go check it out!

The album has also pierced the blogosphere. Check out the rave reviews by Original Music Stop and Red Label Reviews!

You can pick up your own copy of the album in digital form on iTunes and bandcamp, or come see a show in Paris to get a physical CD (like the one coming up on March 2nd!). To keep up to date with all of my music-related activities, you can like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter @davegarlitz.

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