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January 9th
David Garlitz
Selective Art Kfé
January 15th
David Garlitz
Les Cariatides
with Ma Caille
January 21st
David Garlitz Trio
Les Disquaires
January 23rd
David Garlitz Trio
La Bellevilloise
Le Forum
May 21st
David Garlitz Trio
Péniche Le Marcounet
with Addie


I’m Big in Switzerland


Photo : Yvan Fontaine

It’s been just over a month since the release of “A Poor Man’s Pocket,” and the air-waves and inter-tubes are a-buzz with positive reviews!

The most exciting and unexpected news I received was that SRF Kultur (a branch of Swiss National Radio) had scheduled a 30-minute spot centered around my songs…

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Raised on a strict diet of Thelonius Monk, Paul Simon, and the Muppets, David Garlitz left his native Plymouth, New Hampshire, for the big city of Philadelphia to study Jazz. His thirst for dissonance unquenched by the likes of Cole Porter and the Gershwins, he soon fell in with a bad crowd, the sort of no-good ruffians who scoffed at tonality and laughed in the face of regular meter. Luckily, his fluency in Spanish (thanks to two years in Madrid as a child) landed him a part-time gig in a Latin band, and he was saved from the swirling abyss of avant-garde free-jazz by Afro-cuban rhythms.

Irretrievably hooked, he took salsa lessons, learned to play the Cuban tres, and studied the sacred rhythms of the batá. Between clandestine trips to Havana and Santiago de Cuba, he met Cécile, a French exchange student who would become his muse and one true love. He followed her breathlessly to Paris, where he has been ever since, sipping Cuban rum and burgundy wine in sidewalk cafés, crafting curious little songs that bring a smile to the lips and a glow to the heart.


1978 – Birth in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA

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