Bonifacio, Corsica

Fractured Vertebrae…

In Bonifacio, on the southern tip of the island, we took a trip on a boat to see the cliffs and some small islands only accessible by sea. On the way back, we had a great time perched on the very front of the boat (the prow, I think?), as the increasingly big waves got us wet and bounced us around. We gasped together as a particularly huge wave, The Big Kahuna, approached the boat. As we hit the wave, we were thrown from our seats and promptly crashed back down onto the deck. When I heard the way that Cécile was screaming her head off, I knew she must be feeling the same excruciating pain that I was, starting at the base of the spine and spreading basically everywhere.

We crawled and slid back onto the main deck (back injury or no, we couldn’t stay out on the prow the way waves were bouncing people around up there), gritted our teeth for the remaining minutes of our sea excursion, and were rushed to the hospital, where we found out that we had matching fractured vertebrae. Nothing serious, as far as back injuries go. Just a week in the hospital, and six weeks wearing a plastic corset to hold the bones in place. Oh yeah, and no “strenuous activity” for 3 months.

Together à l'hôpital

Together à l'hôpital

So we were airlifted back to Paris (sounds fancy, but actually they just strap you into a stretcher and slide you in between the backs of the seats and the overhead compartments of a regular commercial airplane), where we’ve been convalescing under the watchful eye of Cécile’s parents. Nothing like fine french food and wine to mend broken bones, eh? Still, our internet access has been limited, and they things that we can actually do on our own are still pretty limited too, so things have been feeling very slow lately. Can’t wait to get “back” into the swing of things…

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  • Alors! Or ALAS! I’m pretty sure this means the Lord wants you to rest. obviously the meager amount YOU had in mind was insufficient.

    Meanwhile, I have taken up housekeeping with Patricia in ABQ domacile. fantastic to be back. Many friends in evidence. Had forgotten how spectacular it is here. Lots of afternoon rain and fog shows on the mountains reveal places thought flat previously. Patricia has brought her 2 cats and I hav given her a chat lunatique sign. They are Miss Kitty and Buddy Boy. Miss Kitty stretches like a Halloween cat and is small and dainty. Buddy is a no nonsense yes nonsense surly silly beast. Large size. Both are black.

    Major downside here. Boys are with mom until T-giving. I’m hoping to fly out for a Sept visit. Sucks.

    But otherwise I seem very much to have made the right move.

    So what’s on the list for wedding gift wishes?


    Uncle Rick

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