Yay! We're Married!

Yay! We're Married!

We Got Married!

Yes indeed, Cécile and I have tied the knot – and what a blast it was! Originally intended as a small evening of dining and dancing among a few close friends, things started to gain momentum, and before we knew it, we had a full-blown Wedding (note the capital W) on our hands.

The thing that tipped the scales in favor of inviting absolutely everyone was the extremely generous offer by Cécile’s parents to pay for our reception at Chateau du Bois La Croix, out in Pontault-Combault. Since we got married on a Friday (thank you, City Hall), the place was still available at the last minute, and we got a good deal. So I rounded up all my musician friends to keep the dancefloor hot – thanks to Eddy, Nils, Maklouf, Leon, and François for making it a happening scene.

Friends from the states: don’t despair! We’re in the planning stages now for La Version Americaine, to take place in my home state of New Hampshire, sometime in the summer of 2009. Plenty of time for everyone to reserve plane tickets and hotel rooms well in advance! We’ll keep you posted on what’s happening!

Update : The wedding in the states is right around the corner – at time of writing, just under a month and a half away! To those that are coming, see you in Conway, and to those friends (too many!) who can’t make it, we’ll be thinking of you!

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