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“Hunger can be a deceptive ocelot. One moment it flares it’s nostrils into large flowering shapes, the next it is playing bananagrams like a docile ferret. The only thing for sure about hunger is that it is here to stay, held at bay by a thin orange line of carbohydrates and occasionally a thin green line of asparagus. That is, until something, shall we say, tastier, occurs on the horizon…”

Calamity Jeanne – Toxic (Hotel de Ville) from Dave Garlitz on Vimeo.

An excerpt of Calamity Jeanne performing at the beautiful Hotel de Ville in Paris, complete with a smokin’ guitar solo by yours truly (if I do say so myself!).

Muse (If You Break My Heart)

A brand new song filmed by my pater familis in my kitchen.

As is often the case, this song “existed” partially in my head for at least a year, but I finally figured out how to finish it during a 4-day trip to the seaside with Cécile and Emma (it rained for four days straight, so [...]