“I Wanna Eat You Up” de Boat Safety Films sur Vimeo.

“Hunger can be a deceptive ocelot. One moment it flares it’s nostrils into large flowering shapes, the next it is playing bananagrams like a docile ferret. The only thing for sure about hunger is that it is here to stay, held at bay by a thin orange line of carbohydrates and occasionally a thin green line of asparagus. That is, until something, shall we say, tastier, occurs on the horizon. Like a northern light of flavor, meat rears it’s delicious head onto the hamburger roll, but we are forced to ask, what is this soylent green?

Dave Garlitz answers these questions and more in his new international hit single “I Wanna Eat You Up”.
With direction by Boat Safety Film’s own Giga Shane and cameos by a host of props and codecs, this video is sure to light up the late summer line-up on your Vimeo queue and local indie festival.”

- Giga Shane

Chanson composée et enregistrée par David Garlitz.
Mixée par Nicolas David.
Masterisée par Thomas Vingtrinier.

Scénario, mise en scène, et métrage par Giga Shane & Boat Safety Films.

“I Wanna Eat You Up” fait partie d’un EP de 3 chansons qui sortira cet automne ! Ecoutez sur davidgarlitz.bandcamp.com »

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