A few weeks ago, the members of Barrio del Este were asked to perform for the special Journée Africaine held every year in the Parisian suburb Villiers-sur-Marne. It’s a charity event to raise money for the organization called Hirondelle d’Afrique, which runs a free school in the town of Grand Popo, Bénin.

We’ve been asked to do the gig in the past, but the dates never worked out for all of the musicians involved. Finally, this year, everyone was in town and free and willing to help out this great organization. The result was a super street party featuring Barrio del Este as the “headlining” act.

Our friend and de facto fan club president Noriko Nookoo was there to document the event, and came away with several great photos and some fine video clips, including the one you see here (click on the image in the top left of the article to play the video). Noriko has been nice enough to set up and run our Barrio del Este Facebook Page, open to anyone (no need to be on Facebook already), where you can find many recent photos and videos like this one – go check it out!

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