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Conjunto 23 in Philadelphia

Yes, I’ll be back in action with the original members of Conjunto 23 this summer, the weekend of June 27th. We’ll be in Brooklyn for the Zolov-Gordon wedding on Sunday, June 29th, and that same weekend there will be a pachanga in Philly at one of our old haunts, most probably the RUBA Club. To […]

Finished Jan. 12 2008, 33 rue viala We’ve just finished the arrangement of singer Eddy Carvajal’s new tune, which includes a bridge that Eddy and I worked on together. We’ve been looking for a solid medium tempo song to include in our new demo recording (to be completed by the early spring, we hope!), and […]

Mueve La Cintura

By Alejandro Almenaris, rec. October 6th, 2007, 33 rue viala A rough take on one of my favorite Cuban son standards, a tune that is actually a recent composition by Alejandro “el viejo” Almenaris, of Santiago de Cuba. After his quartet was featured on a Putumayo release back in the ’90s, the song has made […]

Green Bean

Recorded at in 2002 at Ottsville Studios, Ottsville, PA. In 2002 the Way Blue Bucket started work on its only studio recording, of which Green Bean is one of its most successful efforts. Green Bean had long been one of the favorite numbers at live performances, and we sought to capture some of that energy […]

Version 15-9-07, 33 rue viala, Paris In 2005 I moved to France to be with Cécile, learn another language, and experience Paris. In the early months, while getting all my working papers straightened out, I wrote a haiku every morning and then tried to put it to music during the afternoon. The basic structure of […]

Premier Gaou

Minidisc recording, Fall 2006 With Premier Gaou, we tried taking a song from another context and approaching it in a fundamentally Cuban way. We don’t do this song in concert very often, as it is not always comfortable for dancers, but we still pull it out every once in a while for fun.


From Conjunto 23′s debut album, recorded in 2003.