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“Hunger can be a deceptive ocelot. One moment it flares it’s nostrils into large flowering shapes, the next it is playing bananagrams like a docile ferret. The only thing for sure about hunger is that it is here to stay, held at bay by a thin orange line of carbohydrates and occasionally a thin green line of asparagus. That is, until something, shall we say, tastier, occurs on the horizon…”

Calamity Jeanne – Toxic (Hotel de Ville) from Dave Garlitz on Vimeo.

An excerpt of Calamity Jeanne performing at the beautiful Hotel de Ville in Paris, complete with a smokin’ guitar solo by yours truly (if I do say so myself!).

Muse (If You Break My Heart)

A brand new song filmed by my pater familis in my kitchen.

As is often the case, this song “existed” partially in my head for at least a year, but I finally figured out how to finish it during a 4-day trip to the seaside with Cécile and Emma (it rained for four days straight, so [...]

Songs from 2010

A collection of original songs about love, food, dance, betrayal, the passage of time, and an imagined nostalgia for physical objects. Written, performed, and recorded at 33 rue Viala, Paris…

The Wolves

I’ve started a songwriting project this year : write and record one song per month every month. This track here, “the Wolves,” is the first of the project’s output that I’m really happy with…

Ton petit bébé

I’ve been playing this tune for quite a while now. I wrote it for Cécile back when we were on two opposite ends of the Earth (she in France and I in the US), and since then it’s stayed one of both of our favorites. It’s a pretty simple song, as far as the harmony […]

Con el permiso de los santos

Studio Version

The opening track of the new Çasonando demo! Lyrics & music by Eddy Carvajal and yours truly.

Eddy came up with a chord progression that reminded me a lot of a tune I like by Gerardo Alfonso, called “Asi de sencillo.” …

Harina de maíz

The second track on the Çasonando demo : an arrangement of a classic son by Luis Rengifo, based on the the version I heard by Cuarteto Rumí (who used to play in front of the Hotel Inglaterra in Havana when I was there back in 2001).

¡Çasonando live!

A very short clip of our concert in Vaires-sur-Marne.